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Aaronites are the descendants of the priest Aaron. This term was first used in the First Book of Chronicles[1].


Aaron's life[]

After Moses was called by Yahweh by the burning bush, he went to Egypt and met his brother Aaron in the way[2]. They then performed great miracles in Egypt[3], Aaron being the right-hand man of Moses.

After the plagues of Egypt, Pharoah finally let them free after the firstborns died. They made their journey, through Goshen and Migdol, finally stopping at the Red Sea, then the Egyptians pursued after them; then the people regretted going out of Egypt among them was Aaron also. Until God showed his glory through the parting of the Red Sea[4].

After all the latter, Aaron became a figure of righteousness, anointed as a priest along with his descendants[5]. Though his family line was not perfect, he still obeyed God's commandments and served as a figure of obedience to the Israelites; his descendants was affected.


Though not all Aaronites can be priests, most of them are in the line of Eleazar, Ithamar, etc. His sons Nadab and Abihu are prominent examples.

Their duties are to carry contact with God and Israel, to help the people become pure, and keep the holy Tabernacle. They are the only ones (except Moses) are the one that can contact God face to face.

Though they do not have their own land since their priesthood is already advanced than a portion of land.


The Aaronites would soon form the rank of its nation's leader around 300-100 B.C and would soon form religious branches in Jesus' time. They also continued the priestly order, a notable priest at this time was Zechariah.


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